Teen Life Coaching.... The Therapy Alternative

Teen Life Coaching has also proven very effective in getting your child on the right track and making progress toward his or her future.

Teens learn the importance of the decisions they make today and how they impact their future.

This particular phase of life comes with several unique challenges and obstacles. We live in a culture of constant communication and accessibility. Texting, Facebook and MySpace, Snapchat and Formspring all add to the dynamics of what it means to be a teen. Often parents feel disconnected from their childs world. Teens are also dealing with issues related to self esteem, body image and peer pressure.

I teach teens the importance of developing the right kinds of relationships, living with integrity, self monitoring, limiting self disclosure and the long term implications it can have on their future. I also help them understand themselves and their parents.

Teen Life Coaching helps structure the needs of the family as well as the needs of the teen and ease the chaos that is sometimes associated with this phase of development.